The Marketing ZERO method

After lengthy discussions with our colleagues, many of whom have contributed ideas to the content of this book, we propose a new way of thinking about marketing, which we call Marketing ZERO.

It draws a new map of this profession and of the inspirations that fuel the passion that is essential to carry it out. Thus, we have imagined a double helix, as if to give it both dynamism and stability. Four horizontal lines for inspiration, the “why for”, to guide the marketer and give him a precise line of work, guaranteeing his fulfilment in a profession that makes sense and contributes to everyone’s happiness:

Z for Zen,

as it is clear that we all aspire to inner respect, generosity and a better control of time,

E comme Emotion,

as we have entered an era where emotional intelligence has taken its place,

R comme Reload,

to feel in all of us the will to reset everything and no longer be satisfied with “as before”,

O pour Open,

a state of mind to go towards others, to learn from them, to thank them for being so different.

And four business verticals on which to build pragmatically, which are the pillars of the method, the “how to”:

Z for Zoom,

which is the company’s vision, the backbone of the marketing project that is too often ignored,

E for Experience,

because audiences no longer buy a product but an adventure,

R for Reframing,

because the sincerity of the approach requires a rebalancing of the budget towards design marketing

O for Opinion,

because the organisation of the company must be rethought through the filter of the contribution to meaning.