The Marketing ZERO method

After long discussions with our colleagues, many of whom contributed their ideas to the content of this book, we propose here a new way of thinking about marketing, which we call ZERO Marketing. It draws a new cartography of this profession and inspirations which fuel the passion essential to achieve it. Thus, we imagined a double helix, as if to give it both dynamism and stability. Four horizontal lines for inspiration, the “why for”, to guide the marketer and give him a precise line of work, guarantee his fulfillment in a profession that makes sense and that contributes to the happiness of all:



Z for Zen it is so clear that we all aspire to inner respect, generosity and a better mastery of time

E for Emotion, since we have entered an era where emotional intelligence is regaining its place,

R like Reload, to feel in all of us the will to reset everything and no longer be satisfied with “as before”,

O for Open, a state of mind to reach out to others, to learn from them, to thank them for being so different.