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The drifts of marketing

A video interview with Philippe Guiheneuc for Magnetic People published on 20 September 2021

During this open exchange, he shares his observations on the drifts of marketing and the ways to move towards a marketing that reconciles efficiency, responsibility and meaning…

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Towords responsible  marketing ?

Marketing ZERO, praise for a responsible marketing” – published on 28 July 2021 by MC Factory

As I take up my pen to start this column, I read that we are definitely inspired by Charles Pépin, a philosopher who published this year La Rencontre”.

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Towards the advent of zero marketing?

Interview of Patrice Laubignat for BtoB Leaders published on 28 June 2021

“It’s a marketing based on a storytelling idea that places the customer as the hero of the brands, not the other way around… “

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Give more meaning to tour marketing ?

An article written by Patrice Laubignat and published by Stratégies on Friday 25 June:

“After the health crisis we have just experienced, it is time to rethink marketing to position it more in the long term and give it more meaning….”

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Zero pollution marketing ?

The #BonjourPPC podcast in which Patrice is interviewed and answers PPC’s questions (Chied Digital Evangelist for the BPCE group)

Is zero spam, zero pollution, zero manipulation marketing possible?

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The innovative method of marketing zero

An article published on June 16 by Culture RP: What if we started from scratch?

Marketing ZERO, a guide to marketing that reconciles efficiency and responsibility thanks to an innovative method…

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Responsible marketing where you are the hero

An exceptional room on ClubHouse recorded via zoom and available on video – recorded on 9 June

With Eric Blot CEO of LesSpeakers, Philippe Boulanger president of the AFCP (French Association of Professional Speakers)

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All about zero marketing, the book !

Webinar at 1min30 – recorded on Friday 4 June

With Philippe Guiheneuc, Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel and Patrice Laubignat

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All about zero marketing, the book !

ZERO marketing is a dynamic that Philippe Guiheneuc and Patrice Laubignat wish to launch in the marketing community and beyond, with all those who are passionate about brands, companies and their customers. You will find here the main publications that mention ZERO marketing:

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