What is Marketing ZERO?

le marketing zero

In this book, which is as much a manifesto as a practical manual, you will read, perhaps for the first time, that the mission of a marketer is not only to participate in the development of the company. In this age where we live in a land of plenty, where everything is available to us if we reach out our hands, contributing to the business is only an intermediate objective to reach what constitutes the real daimön of the marketer, his raison d’être: to contribute to giving meaning to people’s lives…

But that’s not all. Because to implement ZERO Marketing, you need special qualities, different from those sought up to now. The new marketer is altruistic, ethical, sceptical, persevering, creative and independent. He or she is no longer a machine producing automated processes and rambling, meaningless messages… This does not mean that we should give up on data analysis and productivity, but rather find the right balance in a more humanistic approach to the job.

Marketing ZERO, therefore, like the year zero of a new marketing. But above all as zero pollution, zero spam, zero lies or manipulation. A marketing of purity that no longer makes your friends say “That’s marketing” as we say “That’s misleading”, but “That’s marketing!” with an exclamation mark to underline their respect. So that you are the hero of your story, even more proud of your achievements, of your profession. So that your profession gives meaning to your life, which is to bring meaning to the world.

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